Friday, March 17, 2017

Best Albums of 2016

Waaaaaaay Late and still needs some editing:

Best of the Best:

1.  Lambchop - "FLOTUS"
2.  Greys - "Warm Shadows"
3.  Radiohead - "Moon Shaped Pool"
4.  Cross Record - "Wabi-Sabi"
5.  Heaters - "Baptistina"
6.  Landing - "Complekt"
7.  Yoko Ono - "Yes, I'm a Witch Too"
8.  Natureboy - "Only No One"
9.  PJ Harvey - "The Hope 6 Demolition Project"
10.  Stargazer Lilies - "Door to the Sun"
11.  Heron Oblivion - "s/t"
12.  Solange - "A Seat at the Table"
13.  Danny Paul Grody - "Sketch for Winter VI: Other States"
14.  Weyes Blood - "Front Row Seat to Earth"
15.  David Bowie - "Blackstar"
16.  Cloudland Canyon - "An Arabesque"
17.  Eluvium - “Curious Things”

Form of the Good:

18.  Still Corners - "Dead Blue"
19.  Spacin' - "Total Freedom"
20.  Nonkeen - "The Gamble"
21.  A Tribe Called Quest - "We Got it From Here"
22.  Arp - "Inversions"
23.  Julianna Barwick - "Will"
24.  Iggy Pop - "Post Pop Depression"
25.  Noveller "Glacial Glow"
26.  Kendrick Lamar - "untitled, unmastered."
27.  Acid Ghost - “Warhol”
28.  Morgan Delt - "Phase Zero"
29.  Odd Nosdam - "Sisters"
30.  Leave the Planet - "Nowhere"
31.  Night Beats - "Who Sold My Generation"
32.  Kikagaku Moyo - "House in the Tall Grass"
33.  Bracken  - "High Phases"
34.  Leonard Cohen - "You Want it Darker"
35.  Marissa Nadler - "Bury Your Name"
36.  Giirls - "Far Life"
37.  DJ Shadow - "The Mountain Will Fall"
38.  Mitski - "Puberty"
39.  Acid Guru Pond - "S/T"
40.  Psychic Ills - "Inner Journey Out"
41.  DIIV - "Is The Is Are"
42.  Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - "Burritos”
43.  Benoit Pioulard - "Listening Matter"
44.  Not Waving - "Animals"
45.  Doomsquad - "Total Time"
46.  Angel Olsen - "My Woman"
47.  Ashtray Navigations - "To Make a Fool"

Good Listening: 

48.  Nicolas Jaar - "Sirens"
49.  Warpaint - “Heads Up”
50.  Tim Hecker -"Love Streams"
51.  Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Seefu Lilac"
52.  Damien Jurado - "Visions of Us on the Land"
53.  Wye Oak - "Tween"
54.  Allah-Las - "Calico Review"
55.  Young Moon - "Colt"
56.  Teen Body - "Get Home Safe"
57.  The Breath - "Carry Your Kin"
58.  Local Natives - "Sunlit Youth"
59.  Young Magic - “Still Life”
60.  Froth - "Bleak"
61.  The Mystery Lights - "s/t"
62.  Holy Wave - "Freaks of Nurture"
63.  Keep Shelly in Athens - “In Love with Dusk”
64.  Brian Jonestown Massacre - "Third World Pyramid"
65.  Lodro - "Lord O"
66.  White Denim - "Stiff"
67.  Woods - "City Sun Eater in the River of Light"
68.  Loscil - "Monument Builders"
69.  Numerators - "Strange"
70.  Dani Siciliano - "Dani Siciliano"
71.  Western Skies Motel - "Settlers"
72.  C Duncan - "The Midnight Sun"
73.  Tindersticks - "Philharmonie de Paris"
74.  Infinity Crush - "Warmth Equation"
75.  Scraps - "TTNIK"
76.  Underworld - "We Face a Shining Future"
77.  Bob Weir - “Blue Mountain”
78.  Lomelda - "4A"
79.  M.I.A. - "AIM"
80.  Fennesz - "It's Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry"
81.  Amber Arcades  - "Fading Lines"
82.  Pinkshinyultrablast - "The Cherry Pit"

83.  Tomorrow's Tulips - "Indy Rock Royalty Comb"

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best Albums of 2015

There were so many quality albums released in 2015, spanning a wide diversity of tunes, genres, and sonic textures. The one common thread I found weaving through all was, simply, permanence.   

Most of 2015's albums sound so familiar.  Young, developing, and veteran artists alike all seemed devoted to enjoying and exploring existing genres and scenes, enriching, cultivating, and building on prior strides and deepening the traditions that feed the deep inheritances of today's polyphonous world.  

Kind of like a garden blossoming or canopy of trees thickening.  So many sounds we've grown to value and love, renewing themselves and growing stronger, more dialectical, more conversant with each other and ourselves.  Permanence: within music this means shared appreciation and exchange of where we came from and how we carry our sources forward into a deepening harmonics of today's world.  

(Albums listed in order of personal faves)

Best: Future Classics

1.  Night Beds "Ivywild"
2.  Joanna Newsom "Divers" 
3.  Benoit Pioulard "Sonnet" 
4.  Beach House "Depression Cherry"
5.  White Poppy "Natural Phenomena"
6.  C. Duncan "Architect"
7.  Beach House "Thank Your Lucky Stars" 
8.  Fog Lake "Victoria Falls"
9.  Valet "Nature"
10.  Panda Bear "Meets the Grim Reaper"
11.  Helen "The Original Faces"
12.  Lord Huron "Strange Trails"
13.  The Albert Square "I (Assume I) Know What I'm Doing
14.  Julia Holter "Have You in my Wilderness"
15.  Wolf Alice "My Love is Cool"
16.  The Underground Youth "Haunted"

Better: Enjoy these Music Presents

17.  Kurt Vile "b'lieve I'm going down"
18.  US. Girls "Half Free"
19.  No Joy "More Faithful"
20.  Tripwires "Watermelancholia"
21.  Noveller "Fantastic planet" 
22.  Echo Lake "Era"
23.  Flying Saucer Attack "Instrumentals 2015"
24.  Kendrick Lamar "To Pimp a Butterfly"
25.  Deerhunter "Fading Frontier"
26.  To Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat "To Live Vic."
27.  Chelsea Wolfe "Abyss"
28.  Maserati "Rehumanizer"
29.  Eternal Tapestry "Wild Strawberries"
30.  The Black Ryder "Door behind the Door"
31.  Other Lives "Rituals" 
32.  Die Verbotten "2007"
33.  The Moving Panoramas "One"
34.  Sheer "Uneasy"
35.  Malka "Marching to Another Beat"
36.  Colleen "Captain of None"
37.  Bjork "Vulnicura"
38.  Teen Daze "A World Away" EP
39.  Belle & Sebastian "Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance"
40.  Bill Ryder-Jones "West Kirby County Primary"
41.  The Black Dog "Neither/Neither"
42.  Nokeen "The Gamble"
43.  Sophie "Product"
44.  Doomsquad "Pageantry Suite"
45.  Heaters "Holy Water Pool"
46.  Singapore Sling - "Psyche Fuck" 
47.  Broken Water "Wrought"
48.  Hiatus "Parklands"
49.  Mercury Rev "The Light in You"
50.  Beliefs "Leaper" 
51.  Vaadat Charagim "Sinking as a Stone"
52.  Will Butler "Policy"
53.  Pool Holograph "Mortals"
54.  Cold Beat "Into the Air"

Good: Ole Standards to Pass Your Time

55.  Cloud "Zen Summer"
56.  Levantine "Exploding Boxes"
57.  Snow in Mexico "Prodigal Summer/Juno Beach"
58.  Lana Del Ray "Honeymoon" 
59.  Widowspeak "All Yours" 
60.  The Leaf Library "Daylight Versions"
61.  Moon Duo "Shadow of the Sun"
62.  Sunny day in Glasgow "Planning Weed Like it's Acid/Life is Lost"
63.  Lower Dens "Escape from Evil"
64.  Deaf Cult "Deafcult"
65.  Cristobel & the Sea "Sugar Now"
66.  Hundred Waters "The Moon Rang Like a Bell (Remixed)"
67.  U/V Light "Cenotaph"
68.  Lanterns on the Lake "Beings"

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jude's top albums of 2013

Last year was an amazing year for music from across the spectrum, and I was lucky to get to listen to as much as I got to in my old record store clerk daysA couple weeks late, but here are my favorite studio albums of last year listed in relative order.  Links are added where you can hear most of the indy label stuff: support the artists and listen and buy!  Enjoy  8 ) 

1.   Arcade Fire  "Reflektor" 
2.   Mark McGuire  "Tidings III" 
3.   Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk "Think Tone"
4.   No Joy  "Wait to Pleasure"
5.   The Warlocks  "Skull Worship"
6.   White Poppy  "White Poppy
7.   Darkside  "Psychic"
8.   My Bloody Valentine  "MBV"
9.   Magik Markers  "Surrender to the Fantasy"
10.   Agarttha  "A Water which Does not Wet Hands"
11.  Not Waving  "Umwelt"
12.  Pure X  "Crawling up the Stairs"
13.  Thee Oh Sees  "Floating Coffin"
14.  Broadcast  "Berberian Sound Studio"
15.  High Wolf  "Kairos/Chronos"
16.  Deerhunter  "Monomania"
17.  Daft Punk  "Random Access Memories"
18.  L. Pierre  "The Island Come True"
19.  Lumerians  "The High Frontier"
20.  Flaming Lips  "The Terror"
21.  Paul McCartney  "New"
22.  Mark McGuire  "Get Me Out of Here"
23.  Mark McGuire  "Misunderstandings"
24.  Boards of Canada  "Tomorrow's Harvest"
25.  Bitchin Bajas  "Bitchtronics"
26.  Lucretia Dalt  "Syzygy"
27.  Tim Hecker  "Virgins"
28.  The Finks "At the Royal Witherspoon"
29.  Indians  "Somewhere Else"
30.  Danny Paul Grody  "Between Two Worlds"
31.  Chelsea Wolfe  "Pain is Beauty"
32.  Mike Donovan  "Wot"
33.  Light Rail Coyote  "Sketches"
34.  Emily Reo  "Olive Juice"
35.  Yo La Tengo  "Fade"
36.  Tei Shi  "Saudade"
37.  3 Leafs  "More Tomorrow"
38.  TV Ghost  "Disconnect"
39.  Filthy Huns  "Filthy Huns"
40.  Dirty Beaches  "Drifters / Love is the Devil"
41.  Matmos  "The Marriage of True Minds"
42.  Noveller  "No Dreams"
43.  Fluorescent Heights  "Vendetta in Paradise"
44.  The Necks  "Open"
45.  Kurt Vile  "Walkin on a Pretty Daze"
46.  Implodes  "Recurring Dream"
47.  Plankton Wat  "Drifter's Temple"

and of course... :  48.  Shores "Open-Ended"  8 )

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Psy sun song

Diggining this Naked Maja single release

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Album release show this Saturday, with 3 Leafs

The time has finally come to debut our new album! We'll be playing the whole thing live this Saturday at 222 Hyde, with support from SF Psych legends 3 Leafs. Vinyl won't be ready until the end of the year, but you'll be able to buy CD's download codes, T-shirts, and posters at the show. We have a few other surprises in store for the performance as well, so this is one Shores show not to miss. See you soon....

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our "Open-Ended" album is done!

It took a few years to record and mix, but our first full-length album is finished and set for official release on August 10th. We're working on vinyl and possibly CD's, but in the meantime we're making it available for download on BandCamp here. Here's also an online player for your listening pleasure here on BandCamp:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shores benefit concert

Hi all! It's been a long time since we've posted in Shores Blog, over a year! We took a hiatus but have been back rehearsing and recording all summer to put together a full length album. Much information to come on that, including a series of new video releases, but in the meantime we want to announce a benefit concert we are throwing to help raise funds for the album. The concert will be in the Fools Court at the Faithful Fools street ministry in the Tenderloin, with whom we will be sharing donations and celebration the night of Thursday, August 9. We hope to see you there, and thank you for your support, We Are Shores

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 shows this weekend, & opening for Lumerians

Heyall we got two shows coming up this weekend. The first is the big one, opening for Lumerians this Friday 4/22 with Late Young at Catacombs in SF. Here is the FB event link for info, and, here is the cool flyer:

Then on the next day Saturday 4/23 we're playing a house party at our friend and sound engineer Leslie's house. He's celebrating the 20 year anniversary of his car hehe... A couple members of Animal Liberation Orchestra will be playing solo stuff and our good friends friends Antenna will also be performing. Here's the FB event link for that one and here is its flyer: